Membership is open to individuals, organizations, or firms, pain professionals from widely diverse disciplines interested in research and application, instruction, or extension in in the study and management of pain. Membership is based on the calendar year (January 1 through December 31)

Join the Community of Leaders in Pain Research and Treatment

The Society for the Study of Pain (SSPN) membership gives you access to a variety of benefits, including an expansive community of leaders in the research and management of chronic pain as well as resources to improve treatment and evidence-based research.

A Multidisciplinary Membership

SSPN supports professionals in the field who are working to increase the knowledge of pain and transform public policy and clinical practice. SSPN members represent a broad spectrum of disciplines and work settings.

Membership Benefits

SSPN Supports Your Work in the Science and Treatment of Pain

Experience the value of the collaboration among pain professionals from widely diverse disciplines and settings by becoming an SSPN member. SSPN works for you, your colleagues, and people in pain in a variety of ways and serves as your resource for the most comprehensive, evidence-based combination of pain science, research, and clinical application.

Innovative and Diverse Educational Opportunities

Through its continuing education program and Scientific Meeting, SSPN provides opportunities for professional development to examine pain from many perspectives. Members receive discounts on registration fees and access to educational content designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of specialties and interests.

The Power of Collaboration

Being an SSPN member gives you the chance to meet and share knowledge with the best and the brightest researchers and clinicians in the field of pain. Regional societiesspecial interest groups, and committees  connect you with other pain professionals interested in common topics and local areas. Volunteer opportunities give you the chance to actively participate in the work of the society through task forces and committees. In addition, the society reaches out to patient organizations, professional societies, and foundations on behalf of its members to collaborate on common objectives for pain research and care.

ASAN membership

Membership is open to individuals, organizations, or firms interested in research and application, instruction, or extension in animal science or associated with the production, processing, marketing, or distribution of livestock and livestock products.